Alistair Overeem Unrecognizable After Weight Loss he opens up on new diet

Overeem was at one point seen as one of the most deadly knockout artists in the sport

Since leaving the sport, Overeem had been seen to have lost a huge amount of weight - looking very trim in comparison to his fighting days.

Speaking on Lovin Dubai after being asked about his extreme weight loss, Overeem said: "I started doing detoxing.

Overeem stated that his new nutritionist told him that he has 'parasites in his body', and that he'd need to work for them to 'die off

He then added that the 'parasites' would influence him to eat meat - which put on the pounds. 

"If I eat meat, yes it’s delicious, but then these parasites come in my system.

retired from fighting, after leaving the UFC in 2021 with an impressive 47-19 record in MMA